Every human is different and therefore I prefer not to discuss services and instead, let our time together flow naturally. I’m rather open minded and happy to discuss likes, limits & curiosities in person as we get to know one another. I enjoy engaging in role-play and am kink/fetish friendly – some of these scenarios are best worked out during or after the initial date to gauge comfortability levels and ensure compatibility.

To make the most of our time together please be sure to have impeccable hygiene practices leading up to our date, this will surely grant you further “mileage”. Upon arriving there will be a fresh towel for you to shower – no exceptions – please be sure to use the nail brush and mouthwash provided.

Please have your donation prepared in the amount requested – larger bills are preferred, I do not provide change. I ask that you leave this on a nearby counter or table at the beginning of our date to avoid any obstacles, I will ensure the accuracy to avoid any discrepencies – please do not be offended. If we are meeting in public, please have the donation concealed in a book, magazine or gift bag for convenience.

Two hour minimum, to be arranged 24+ hours in advance and are not offered on the days I host in-calls (unless requested with enough notice).
Instead, we arrange a time outside of my posted schedule that works for us both!
Please offer any and all information possible regarding parking, entry etc… to avoid any confusion.

First time guests are requested to host from 3+ star hotel.
While I am a great lover of animals, please let me know if there will be any at the residence so I may prepare for their company as well.


If I feel uncomfortable or that my boundaries are being disrespected or violated at any point during our time together, I have the authority to end the date immediately and you will not receive any “refund”. This includes the time building up to our date.

During our engagements, including text and email correspondence, I will not tolerate the discrimination of anyone (I mean, anyone!) on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, caste, sexual orientation, kink, gender, gender identity, sexual health, religious affiliation, age, or dis/ability.

If you have a desire to text regularly, please see my texting package with respect to my time and work load.

I reserve the right not to see any who makes me feel uncomfortable.