It’s my TWO year Heaxversary! 

Written by Aeryn Monroe
Aeryn’s first photo 🥰

What a wild ride since the inception of “Aeryn” 2 years ago today! 

Formerly I introduced myself to the world as Goddess Aeryn via Chaturbate, this changed about a year later to Aeryn Monroe when I craved a more legitimate presence and realized how much of a Domme connotation “Goddess” has within the community. While I do top some, it’s not something I’ve crafted. 

What a fun little adventure to get my toes wet, however, entertaining a webcam room wasn’t quite my fit and I found myself venturing out to the strip clubs. Those who have met me already know, though you may not – I’m not lean or fit, I have some “excess” weight in the eyes of society and personally, I love it! The clubs, not as much, being as misogynistic as they are I can’t say I expected much different 🤷🏻‍♀️And so, I happily made my way to this fantastic world of providing companionship ✨ this all progressed quickly over the summer and I found myself with an agency in Cambridge to represent myself. 

Living an hour-ish north of Cambridge some days were a struggle when driving that distance to sit in a – less than stellar – motel room to receive only one, or worse no calls. In the beginning it was busywork though it quickly stifled once the “regulars” had their trial with the new “girl” 😕 This small city area wasn’t as hopeful as I once thought and so I made the decision to join the GTA community- and what a wonderful decision that was! 

After joining one of the biggest agencies in Toronto I quickly realized how lacklustre the previous one was! They provided upscale condos, mouthwash, towels, sheets and condoms! I truly enjoyed my time with this agency and being able to meet other ladies at the shared condos was a great experience that allowed me to not feel so isolated since I don’t have any personal friends in the business. I don’t want to get into too much detail about each agency I was at – they all provided me wonderful opportunities and learning experiences I would never have received elsewhere. 

While working in Toronto I ran independently in Kitchener area as there was some desire to have me there, I’ve made some of my best connections there! This allowed me the unique advantage of building my independent branding while keeping business flowing in the GTA. Earlier this year there was a scenario that encouraged me to take the leap to become fully independent. It’s been so well received and it makes my heart so happy 🥰

Having raised my rates for my birthday in September I was hesitant to do so again so soon however I’ve been reflecting and I believe I work really hard and deserve one  now that we’ve hit the beginning of my third year! I thank each and every one of you who have helped me along the way whether it be through your patronage, guidance, friendship, mentorship, inspiration or any of the other multitudes of ways this community has energized Ms Aeryn Monroe! 👏🏻

For the next 14 days you can book – and pre book – at my current rates however as of July 15 my rates will be increasing an additional $50/hr with some exceptions as the date length increases. 

I appreciate you and I hope you enjoyed my first blog post ✨
(I promise they won’t all come with a rate increase 💋)