Yes I do, I love to play in duo, trio, quad and group dynamics!

Please describe to me the ideal experience you would like and I will make suggestions from my lovely repertoire of friends. You are also welcome to make suggestions for new playmates!

Respectfully, I am a human being, not a restaurant.

I provide an experience that differs from person to person based on a number of things, primarily – hygiene, mannerisms, reciprocal energies and comfort level.

If you let me know what you are looking for in a clear and direct manner, its best if you communicate your needs and desires rather than me try to ramble off all the little things I may or may not do.

Additionally, as my comfort level grows, I may be open to other things that require a level of trust to be built prior to engaging.

You can see reviews here to get a sense of what a rendezvous with me might look like.

Yes I have a few tattoos and a piercing or two, though I keep details private for confidentiality purposes.

I love making people feel special, and this gives the ultimate smile.
Tending to a someones needs, caring for them and listening to their stories brings me a great joy – being naked and sharing orgasms with each other during all of that gives me an incredible rush!

Please refer to my Date Book

I prefer at least 24 hours notice so that I have time to properly, calmly, prepare for our date.

For outcalls or dates longer than 4 hours, 48hours notice is best.

Overnights & FMTYs, 2 weeks minimum advance notice please.

There may be the odd time I am available with short notice or same-day though the more in advance I know about our date, the better I can prepare.

Of course, there’s always ways to grab my attention 🤑

I am located near Guelph, Ontario.
I host in the G.T.A., Kitchener/Waterloo and Oakville/Burlington areas.
If you’d like to see me in your area please let me know!

I’m open to travelling to many locations for extended dates, lets chat about what that might look like 🙂

While I mostly utilize hotels and provider spaces I have opened a permanent incall spaces just East of Guelph. This space is ONLY available for established clientele.


I enjoy dates where I help you explore your curiosities and quench your desires. There’s no better feeling than helping someone discover something new and exciting about themselves!

I also greatly enjoy social dates where we tease each other over dinner and/or a show, when we arrive back at our room things are heated up to an extra level with all the prelude and I’m truly ready to ravish you

My favourite scenes to receive involve worship, impact play, tease and denial, bondage as well as forced orgasm – these are scenes I carry out only with trusted clientele or alongside a professional Dom/Domme – please inquire if interested!

My favourite scenes to perform are again impact, CBT, tease and denial as well as predicament play.

There are many things I would still like to explore and am open to trying new things with the right persons!